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1909 St. Gaudens Double Eagle

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1909 St. Gaudens $20
Inquire $8,750.00
1909 St. Gaudens Double Eagle, PCGS MS64. With a mintage of 161,282 coins for circulation, the 1909 double eagle is not one of the scarcest double eagles at all. Yet, in high grades this issue actually becomes rare and underrated. Q. David Bowers, in his book “A guide book of double eagle gold coins” gives the following comment about this issue:

“The 1909 double eagle…is readily available, but hardly common, in lower Mint State levels through 62. Higher grades are seldom seen, and even a nice MS-63 would be a show-stopper!”

The regular issue with a normal date is usually overshadowed by the 1909/8 overdate, which has been well publicized. As a result, prices for that issue have risen steadily, especially as it has been included in the red book. Prices for this issue, however, have remained low, and in MS-64 this is a true sleeper in the Saint-Gaudens double eagle series. Approximately 50% double eagles of this date are the overdate, making the mintage of the normal date variety just 80,000 coins.

Although there are approximately a dozen pieces that grade a finer numerical grade, coins that exhibit the eye appeal the present coin does are very rare. Satiny luster, with orange-yellow color make for a totally original coin. No major distractions are seen on either side, except a few on the higher obverse that keep this coin from a higher grade. Fully struck, even the capitol at the lower obverse shows full detail. The coin displays a wide variety of colors, including lime green and peach on the reverse. This offering represents a wonderful example for the specialist of double eagle gold coins.

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