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1913 St. Gaudens Double Eagle

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1913 St. Gaudens $20
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1913 St. Gaudens Double Eagle NGC MS64. With a mintage of 168,780 pieces for circulation, the 1913 double eagle fits with the other pieces from this era as scarce, but hardly so in low grades. In high grades however, these pieces remain elusive and some bargains are to be had in the series.

The Saint-Gaudens double eagles are a popular series of US gold coinage. Generally considered to be the most beautiful of all American coinage, pieces have always been in demand. Several collectors have pursued complete sets in Mint State, although this is a task not easily done due to the rarity of some issues. Many pieces do remain in Mint State, but mostly in lower uncirculated grades.

This is especially the case with the lower mintage issues, such as the 1913. Many circulated among banks in Mint bags, or were sent overseas in foreign payments. Although they would remain in banks for a longer period, the bags would often be moved from one vault to the other, with the coins easily acquiring distracting marks.

The present coin is lacking most of those marks, and is of premium quality. True pieces certified at the gem level are a rarity, and there are only one or two marks that keep this piece from being such a coin. These are mostly found on the obverse, although barely visible. The reverse is of gem quality, and wonderful to look at. Lustrous and boldly struck, together with the originality of the light orange-yellow surfaces make for a great coin.

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