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1926-D St. Gaudens Double Eagle

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1926-D St. Gaudens $20
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1926-D St. Gaudens Double Eagle PCGS MS62. The 1926-D is one of many rare double eagles from the 1920's. Most were retained at banks or the Mint after their mintage, and the majority was melted during the 1930’s. As a result, of the original mintage of 481,000 coins only an estimated 350 to 400 remain to exist in all grades.

Unlike many other issues of double eagles, no hoards or accumulations of this issue have been found overseas. It is likely that only a very small number were sent overseas with the others retained in the United States. The current supply most likely consists of the limited number that was paid out at the Denver Mint during the 1920’s. Even when a large number was paid out, it is most likely that many were redeemed for gold certificates in the early 1930’s. Only the wealthiest collectors in the country could afford to keep together high quality examples of 1920’s double eagles. As a result, it can be expected that many came from overseas banks, although in very limited quantities.

During the 1940’s, when double eagles became increasingly popular this issue was considered to be even rarer than the 1927-D. That issue is considered to be the rarest collectable double eagle after the 1933. Although more examples have become available in modern times and research has revealed the true rarity ratings, this remains to be a very rare issue.

The coins that have survived in uncirculated grades are typically found in MS-60 and MS-61. At the current grade level, they become rare and anything finer is a true rarity seldom encountered. At the gem level, the 1926-D has brought 6 figure prices at auction in recent times. As a result, anyone who is buying a strict uncirculated set of double eagles will most likely settle for a premium quality uncirculated coin, even when in lower uncirculated grades. The present offering thus represents a wonderful opportunity for the specialist of Saint-Gaudens double eagles.

Although certified by PCGS in a lower numerical grade, this MS-62 looks finer at first glance. This coin is totally original, with light green-yellow color, and lustrous surfaces. Several scattered marks on both sides account for the grade. For pedigree purposes, a copper spot, common on these gold coins is seen under the last A in AMERICA. A wonderful example of this rare double eagle!

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