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1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar
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1794 Flowing Hair Silver $1
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Of all the Silver Dollars ever struck the 1794 date is the Grandfather of them all. The year represents the first official One Dollar coin from the United States Mint. Just 1,758 were made and from that number it is estimated that only about 130 or so remain in any grade today. The coin is listed in the Top 20 in the book 100 Greatest U.S. Coins.

This PCGS Fine 15 example is one of those survivors. This particular coin is unmistakable. The coin has gorgeous, even steel grey toning on both sides. The obverse has a moderate pedigree marker that was likely created from a piece of bent wire about 10 mm long that fell between the die and the blank planchet. The mark begins at the middle of Liberty's neck and ends in the field just below the chin. Most 1794 Dollars display weakness at the date and the first few stars to the left of the date as a result of the dies slipping out of alignment after the first few were struck. This coin is no exception. The reverse of the coin is outstanding and is virtually VF20.

All survivors are considered extreme rarities. The coin was originally struck on a screw press and was designed by Robert Scot. Scot designed the coin with a Flowing Hair depiction of Liberty on the obverse, which represents freedom. The reverse was designed with a Small Eagle.

Enthusiasts have long coveted this rare and important Silver Dollar. It would make a great addition for any collector of the series who wishes to own the date that started it all.

Happy Collecting,
Thomas M. Pilitowski
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