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1800 Dotted Date S$1

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1800 Dotted Date S$1
NGC MS63, BB-194, B-14
Inquire $70,100.00
1800 Bust Dollar, NGC MS-63, BB-194, Finest Known according to the NGC Cenus Report. Bust dollars in this condition are extremely rare. With few exceptions it may be years before the collector see’s another example of this variety in such a high state of preservation. Incredible investment coin and heirloom of numismatic importance. This coin does not yet show in the NGC Census report and the highest BB-194 graded shown is MS-62. Phenomenal opportunity to own such major rarity in such high grade.

Happy Collecting,
Thomas M. Pilitowski
U.S. Rare Coin Investments
P.O. Box 496607
Port Charlotte, Florida 33949
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