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1890-CC Morgan Silver Dollar

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1890-CC Morgan S$1
Inquire $950.00

1890-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS62. Intense album toning on the reverse of this beautiful specimen of an 1890-CC Morgan Dollar. Light shades of charcoal and sea green color beautiful and very P.Q. Looks very much like MS-63.

Morgan Dollars are collected in various ways. All are satisfying for collectors, but perhaps the most popular besides a complete set, are the coins struck at the Carson City Mint. Located in Nevada, it was the second branch Mint of the west, and most likely it was also the most important for collectors. The true reasons for this were probably made up in the 20th century, when Wild West movies (Westerns) created an increased interest in the era of cowboys and silver mining in the West. In the movies, scenes were recreated of small mining towns, featuring many different personalities. Carson City Morgan dollars were struck in the past which Hollywood tried to recreate, and a romantic collecting field was born.

The true key date of the series is the 1889-CC, having the lowest mintage of the series, an issue which heavily shortly after minting. The other dates minted between 1878 and 1893 are also scarce, usually having lower mintages compared to the other dates. As such, the 1890-CC Morgan Dollar can be considered to be an issue which is moderately scarce, but becomes difficult to find with original surfaces. This is a problem with all Carson City Morgan Dollars, as the popularity of these issues has caused great interest in original pieces with only limited supply. We presently offer such an original piece, with lightly toned surfaces, a strong strike, and full cartwheel luster. Especially the reverse, with colors like rusted red and light blue add to the eye-appeal, truly stands out.

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