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1853 Moffat $20

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1853 Moffat $20
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1853 $20 Moffat & Co. NGC AU-58. A bold, lustrous and wonderful example of this rare territorial gold piece. Produced by Curtis, Perry and Ward, they used the Moffat & Co. name that was well known through-out the region. They were struck under the United States assay office of gold, and the Moffat & Co. name was retained from an earlier agreement.

Moffat & Co., co-founded by John Little Moffat, was one of the most respected companies that struck private gold coinage in California. The first issues were produced in 1849, having $5 and $10 denominations. These were produced in large numbers and circulated freely throughout the gold rush regions. Later issues were also produced, both under the Moffat & Co. name and the U.S. Assay office name.

This respective issue, Kagin-19, High R-5 (31-50 known) was struck from July to October 1853. Their exact reason for their issue is not known. The U.S. Assay continued to strike coins with the unique and well-known design simultaneously. The Alta California published a description of this gold coin in their July 26, 1853 issue:

“…The new double eagles lately issued by this firm [Moffat & Co.’s Assay Office] are attracting much admiration…the coin is a facsimile of that struck by the United States Mint…scarcely inferior to the issues of the Mint”

The present coin is a lightly circulated survivor, completely original. Very lustrous, with near full luster only slightly impaired by the short circulation of this piece Boldly struck, all details are fully struck and show no distractions. Perfect for the collector of private gold coinage, or for anyone interested in storied coins, such as this one.


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