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1792 Lady Godiva - UK-Conder Token

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1792 Lady Godiva - UK-Conder Token
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This halfpenny token was struck for use in Coventry, Warwickshire in 1792. It can be found in Dalton and Hamer’s The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century under Warwickshire, Coventry 237. According to Dalton and Hamer, the reverse should exhibit a die flaw below the “N” of “COVENTRY”. This example however has no such die flaw, suggesting two possibilities. Firstly, it may be an unlisted variety struck using a different reverse die. Secondly, if the die flaw was the result of a crack in the die, this token may have been a very early strike, produced before the die crack appeared. Either way, the fact that Dalton and Hamer do not list this piece without the die flaw implies that it is probably rare.

The token’s obverse features Lady Godiva on horseback during her legendary ride naked through the streets of Coventry (an attempt to persuade her husband Leofric, Earl of Mercia, to remove an oppressive tax he had imposed on his tenants). The date 1792 appears in the exergue below and the legend reads “PRO BONO PUBLICO” – for the public good.

The reverse bears the coat-of-arms of Coventry (an elephant with a castle on its back). The legend reads “COVENTRY HALFPENNY”.

The edge of the token bears the incuse inscription “PAYABLE AT THE WAREHOUSE OF ROBERT REYNOLDS & Co”.

Designed by the diesinker William Mainwaring, this token was manufactured by William Lutwyche of Temple Row, Birmingham. The issuer, Robert Reynolds & Co., was a company of ribbon weavers in Coventry.

Measuring 30.5 mm., this copper token is in Fine condition with a couple of edge knocks and some surface marks. Potentially a rare piece, this would make an ideal purchase for the local historian as well as the token collector. This Coventry halfpenny token is offered at the low price of $75.00

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