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Cambodia ( Kambuchea) 1974, 50,000 Riels
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1974 CAMBODIAN 50,000 RIELS GOLD COIN. Cambodia ( Kambuchea) 1974, 50,000 Riels, Cambodian Dancers, KM#64, Contains 6.71 Grams (11941 oz of .900 Fine Gold, 23 mm across, ONLY 2,300 MINTED, neat design showing Cambodian Dancers on Obverse.
Government of Cambodia was toppled just a year later, and the year the US had exited Vietnam. Judging by the scarcity of appearances these coins make we think the already low mintage of 3250 seems a bit high.
This is a beautiful PROOF 1974 Cambodia 50,000 Riels GOLD coin. This is quite scarce with a mintage that is claimed to be (approx 3,250 in the minting) but judging by appearances for sale, seems like that number can't be right. This gold proof coin is encapsulated by Numismatic Guarantee Corp but also included is the original issued hinged presentation box and the official certificate of authenticity. The inside and outside of the box is stamped with "Cambodge" and "Republique Khmere". The COA appears to be in French and has a proof number indicating which one this coin struck was included here. (See the coin images )

One side of the coin shows three female Khmer dancers with the French legend REPUBLIQUE KHMERE. The reverse has the arms of the Khmer Republic with the Cambodian legend for the country's name at the top, the denomination 50.000 RIELS in Arabic and Cambodian numerals. The date in Khmer and Arabic characters is at the bottom. One of our favorite world gold coins and so reasonable. If you have any of these coins for sale, please contact us.

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