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US Rare Coin Investments is one of the largest Rare and Gold Coin Dealers specializing in Gold Eagles, Gold Coins, Rare Coins and Silver Dollars.

The Gold Eagle was minted from 1795 to 1804, and then from 1838 to 1933. The Gold Eagle began with a plump Liberty wearing a large cap, called Capped Bust to Right, and, for the first three years, a scrawny eagle holding a wreath in its mouth. Later in the third year, the reverse was changed to a mistaken heraldic eagle. The 1838 Gold Eagle endured without major modification until 1907. It used the familiar Coronet or Liberty Head design and showed the denomination, TEN D. The later years, from 1866 on, added a motto on a ribbon above the eagle with the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST. The final design of the Gold Eagle was the so called Indian Head. The first issue 1907-08 had no motto. IN GOD WE TRUST was added to the 1908 coin and continued thereafter. The design showed a female Caucasian Liberty wearing a stylized Native American headdress. The reverse portrayed a standing eagle taken from the ancient Greek or Roman tradition. On this coin the denomination was written out as TEN DOLLARS.

Aside from the Coronet, With Motto Gold Eagle, which had a proof mintage of 2,327, proof eagles are rare if they exist at all. No proofs are reported in the Red Book A Guide Book of United States Coins until 1859. The Indian Head Gold Eagle had none of regular issue for the first type, No Motto, and only 768 for the second.

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